environmentally sensitive drainage solutions that work, orlando florida landscape drainage, florida drainage solutions, landscape drainage, french drains do not work in Florida chemical free health care campus landscapes, Eco Management Consultants provide transitional services to health care facilities transforming them to green landscape management practices and eco sensitive landscapes for hospitals and health care facilities chemical friendly corporage landscape planning by Eco Management Consultants. We transform corporate headquarters, branch locations, retail locations and restaurants into eco friendly landscapes that are chemically free. Serving Florida state wide including Orlando, Florida, Clermont Florida, Lake County and Orange County Florida and statewide. Eco Management Consultants offers custom transitional services for hotel and hospitality properties. Eco Tourism is trending and will continue to grow, stay ahead of the trend by tranforming your properties into eco friendly hotels and resorts. The green hospitality industry is growing and will continue to grow as populatiosn become more chemical sensitive and eco friendly.

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Eco Management Consultants - guiding hotels and hospitality facilities to a greener future through landscape methods, materials and practices

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At Eco Management Consultants we consult with hotel and hospitality facilities to transforom their landscape management practices to eco friendly and environmentally sensitive solutions. The process of transforming from chemically managed to eco sensitive landscapes involves many steps, resulting in client and guest frienly landscapes. Removing chemical exposure from the landscape management of hotel and hospitality facilities is a vital need to ensure the health of future generations.

The first step in our process is to conduct an introductor meeting to gather information that the facility has on their landsacpe management as well as hear input from appropriate and intersted management and staff. At this time we request that the facility provide a copy of any surveys, planting plans, irrigation plan and amy other documentation of the facilities landscape and or landscape management practices. This meeting is a step off point where we will begin to plan the eco transformation of the facility.

Following this meeting Eco Management Consultants will prepare a proposal that will describe the custom steps in the process of transitioning the facility. As each facility has been spoiled, poisioned and maintained at different levels, each facility requires a custom action plan. The process takes many steps some of which are gathering information, agreement, cleansing, exchange plan, wager management plan, contamination plan, spot checks, landscape additions, native species introductions, monitoring, follow up and transition to quarterly evaluations.

Many different considerations will be involved in developing an action plan for the hotel and hospitality facility site. As environmental contamination in the landscape through the use of chemicals affects visitors, guests, and staff alike, it is imperative that such facilities cease the use of chemical and mechanical management immediately to begin curing the environment and cease affecting the users of the facility.

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Most hotel and hospitality facilities removed smoking of cigarettes in the 1990's and 2000's yet never addressed the environmental contamination of the air, soil and water resulting from poor landscape management practices. In most cases, these landscape managment practicews that are contaminating the hotel and hospitality environments are more costly than eco management solutions. As our populations become more haalth conscious they are demanding that hotel and hospitality facilities do not jeopardize ther health through exposure to chemical landscape management.

To begin the environmental clean up of your hotel and hospitality facility please call us at 321-558-4231 or email us to schedule a meeting. Of course we do charge a fee of $1200.00 for this introductory meeting, a small investment toward a chemical free environment. This meeting fee ensures that we are dedicating our resources to facilities that are dedicated to restoring their landscape and outdoor environments to an eco-friendly state.

At Eco Management Consultants we understand Florida ecology and its needs. It is an undisputed fact, the majority of landscape management personnel in the landscape industry do not have the education or understanding of the ecology of Florida and are using practices that are not eco friendly and are dangerous. Such practices include chemical use, chemical overspray, scalping, scalding, chemical saturation contamination that kills beneficial organisms, watet contamination, water abuse, use of fuel powered equpment, poor equipment maintenance, and more. It's a fact, if your maintenance personnel do not know the names of the plants that they are maintaining, they are only playing a guessing game and are destroying the environment, with the losers being the environment and its users.

Call us today at 321-558-4231 to discuss your eco transition needs and schedule an initial meeting. If you receive our telephone recording plesae leave a message, we may be busy servicing client needs yet we will get back to you in a timely fashion.

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